About Me and My Art


All the people in my Aquatics Series are associated with YMCA in the Greater Phoenix Area. They are members and employees of Tempe Family YMCA, and Darian Townsend, Olympic Gold Medalist of 2004, who is a Senior Aquatics Director and a coach at Westside Valley YMCA. 

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Abstract Art

My art is an ongoing study, and water is very difficult to capture. I can try to replicate it from a "still moment" captured by a camera. I can give a quick impression of the water and its movement without distracting from the portrait. Or, I can put water first and let it flow, leaving an empty space to add a portrait later. In my search for a new style and method with fluid acrylic paints, I've created abstract paintings of water, which are very popular in the silent auction. 

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Swim lessons create an environment, where a child receives uninterrupted attention from an adult. Close to 80% of our communication is non-verbal, and even more so when swimming with our kids, when they cling to us for safety in the water. I noticed how much swimming helped me bond with my son when I started taking him to a pool as a 6-month old baby. You lean to work as a team, you play together and all your minor frustrations of the day go away. Also, women and mothers end up spend most of the time with children. Seeing and capturing male instructors and athletes working with children creates a different point of view what it takes to be a man and a great role model for children. 

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