Credit to the Virtual Team of Volunteers for YMCA Art Project

Mike Lewis
Photographer, Ola Vista Photography
Mike is an astounding aquatics photographer, who now travels all over the world with his work. He takes the most breathtaking images of swimmers. He kindly allowed me to paint from his photos of Darian Townsend.
Janet Chanay
Photographer, jechanayphotography
Janet stopped by my art at the Tempe YMCA, we started talking, and she offered to take quality photos of my artwork for presentation and reproduction purposes. I am very grateful for her help, as my camera does not have a decent lense.

Melissa Wile
Photographer, In Tune Images
Melissa was a volunteer photographer at the Tempe YMCA swim meet in the summer of 2017. She donated her photos to be used on the Y Facebook page and allowed me to paint from these photographs.
Anthony Grote
Photographer, Gameplan Media
Anthony was a photographer, who took impressive photos of Darian in the early 2000s in South Africa, and he allowed me to use his work for my charity art.
Lisa Thornton
Aquatics and Membership Director, Tempe Family YMCA
Lisa has worked with me very closely since September, 2017 communicating weekly, allowing me some space to work and even expanding my creative horizons. I am very grateful for such a talented and driven person on the Y side!
Melissa Rector
Operations Director, Tempe Family YMCA
When I came Melissa with my art fundraiser idea, she liked it, because she ran a silent auction for kids art at another location. With her green light and release forms for photography, I was off to a timely start before the pool closed for 6 months. She inspired me to push as an artist and a campaigner, and helped every major step of the way.
Darian Townsend
Senior Aquatics Director, YMCA Westside Silver Fins Head Coach, Southwest Valley YMCA
Darian allowed me to use his images from photos from the art project, and allowed some space to hang a part of my Aquatics Series on the walls of his YMCA. He was also the most welcoming host to his YMCA, giving me and my little son a tour of it.
Samuel Jamerson
Aquatics, Tempe Family YMCA
Sam was the first person I talked to about my idea of the art fundraiser at the Tempe Y, and he was very helpful in making this project happen.

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