Work with Me

Owners of Popular Places

Do you run a sports facility, a pool, an art gallery or another place with a lot of foot traffic? Let's display a few pieces of my art to help it find its owner. Members of the YMCA can only donate so much, it would be great to show the art to a wider audience.

Connected People

I am new to Phoenix, and I would like to get to know the right people to promote my art and deliver what really appeals to potential donors at the right price point.

Event Organizers

If you have an event where attendees would support youth sports through a silent auction, I will be happy to bring my art and help run the auction.


Are you an artist, too? I would be happy to team up and organize paint nights for families, or offer it to companies in the area.


If you like my work, and my idea of painting for the YMCA, please reach out, and share my posts for a wider reach among your followers.

Opinion Leaders

Are you a city official, a journalists covering community events, a blogger? Please help me spread the word out about my charitable art project inspired by swimming and water, that benefits Tempe YMCA and helps motivate parents to teach their kids to swim.