• Fluid Acrylic Paintings

    Fluid Acrylic Paintings

    I create these fluid paintings by mixing acrylic paint with other media and work with it fast while its wet to leverage gravity and imitate waves and ripples.

  • Portraits


    I love portraits and figure painting as they bring a higher sense of achievement. People that I portray are not professional models, they are rather role models for children and youth they work with.

  • Abstract


    40x40 Blue Frog in situ

  • Art In Situ

    Art In Situ

    A selection of 12x12 in paintings in situ

  • In Interior

    In Interior

    16x20 and 22x33 abstract paintings in situ 

  • Contact Me

    Contact Me

Commission a Painting

I am thankful to six of my friends, who ordered a painting in exchange for their donation to Tempe YMCA during the 2018 fundraising campaign. If you like my style, a portrait will cost $150. The price will go up if you want more than 4 people or animals in the painting, or if you want it on a large size, or finished very fast. The base size is 16x20 inches, on canvas, using acrylic paint, or mixed media with acrylics and oil. You shall receive the painting within three months of your order.


If you want to order a pet painting, it starts at $50 for 16x20 canvas for one animal. 

Sammy Dewis S.jpg

Become a Patron

Patreon is a website that allows supporting artist by making a recurring monthly payment to the artist through the site, and by obtaining different kids of rewards depending on the level of your contribution.Some provide exclusive content to entertain their patrons, while I prefer to deliver tangible art-related results - let me create something for you. 

I will share my work in process before paintings get displayed and shared on social media in February-March.

My ultimate objective with Patreon is to find a person willing to make a significant donation of $5,000 to Tempe Family YMCA in exchange for a special painting of the series, that hasn't been featured online or publicly displayed. I will provide a choice of three other abstract paintings to choose from instead of that special figure painting. 

Link to Patreon Page



Please visit my page on FineArtAmerica to see what is available. They don't charge commission on the sale of the original art, but they make money off reproductions.

FineArtAmerica - Zhanna Lamanna Art


YMCA Aquatics Art Fundraiser

I help Tempe Family YMCA in the Greater Phoenix Area, Arizona, raise funds for youth sports and recreation programs by making paintings depicting water, swimmers and swim classes. I was inspired to start the project by photos from a swim meet at my YMCA. The topic of the swim meet was "Teach Your Kids to Swim". Drowning remains a number 1 cause of death in Arizona for kids between the ages of 1 and 4. Darian Townsend, the Olympic Gold medalist of 2004, who is now the Senior Aquatics Director at Southwest Valley YMCA, was at that swim meet.

Swimmer bW 24by36 acrylS.jpg

With the permission of Darian and his photographers, I was off to a promising start. After six months of work, I finally got to meet Darian at this YMCA, where he showed me and my son around this beautiful new facility, took us to the Olympic size pool that is open year-round, and even helped hang some of the art. When members of the YMCA ordered posters of a painting with Darian in it, we printed a limited edition of them that Darian autographed.

The autographed posters of the image below are available for your donation of $25.

Poster Swimmers small.jpg

2018 Tempe YMCA Annual Campaign - Zhanna Lamanna

I also offer a set of 15 postcards with my best artwork for the YMCA fundraiser. It is a standard postcard size of 5x7 inches, and I will mail it to you for $5 donation.

Please click on the "Annual Campaign" link to donate to YMCA for posters or cards, and send me an email with your mailing address to: zhanna.lamanna@gmail.com.


My paintings of the YMCA Aquatics series were especially created to help them raise funds for youth recreation programs, including swim lessons. All the money raised through the silent auction of my art goes toward scholarships, which allows making the Y affordable for families in need of financial assistance. 

Drowning remains a leading cause of death of children from one to four years old in Arizona, which has so many pools in backyards.  The series of paintings was inspired by the swim meet "Teach Your Kids to Swim" held at Tempe Family YMCA, the Greater Phoenix Area, in the summer of 2017. Darian Townsend, the Olympic Gold medalist of 2004 of 4x100 freestyle relay swimming, was the star of the swim meet. He allowed me to work with his images, and display some of the artwork at the Southwest Valley YMCA, where he is the Senior Aquatics Director.

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Would you like to display my art?

I would be happy to have my unsold art from the YMCA Aquatics Collection on display where it can attract potential buyers. If you run a pool, a gym, or a cafe, I would be happy to have it displayed there for a month. 

Would you like to commission a painting for your business? Please contact me, and we'll discuss how I can implement your vision.